High-Class Upright Metallographic Microscope SG-2000 Series

High-Class Upright Metallographic Microscope SG-2000 Series

Product Description

High upright metallographic microscope (bright field) SG-2000B
High upright metallographic microscope (bright dark field) SG-2000BD
Brief Introduction:
New microscope system, SG-2000 Series High upright optical microscope; It has excellent optical properties and multiple functions of the observation.
Optical System: UIS infinity optical system.
Objective: Unlimited flat-field far exceeds the long working distance objective lens (SG-2000B Type)
[Long working distance objective lens shading field metallography (SG-2000BD-type)]
4 × (29.4 mm), 10 × (16.0 mm), 20 × (10.5 mm), 40 × (5.4mm).
Eyepiece: Large field of view of the high-eye point of flat-field eyepiece 10 × (φ 26), 15 × (φ 17) (buy).
Observation tube: φ 26 field, trinocular tube with an inclination of 30 ° , 1 / 2 "CCD optical appropriate, the standard C interfaces.
Lighting system: Lighting Kohler reflection, polarization devices, 12V50W halogen, digital voltage meter, Built-in filter (yellow, green, blue, neutral).
Focus System: Coarse micro coaxial, travel 40 mm.
Contents loading table: XY movement range 55 × 80 mm, right hand (or left) hand wheel coaxial low.
Converters: Tin converters.
Power System: 90 ~ 260V/50 ~ 60Hz
1.12V100W hologen
2. Professinal digital camera interface
3. Flat-field unlimited far extra long work distance objective lens(SG-2000B)
[long work distance bright dark field metallographic objective lens(SG-2000BD)]
50× (9.09mm) 60× (7.01mm) 100× (6.38mm)

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